Elizabeth Warren for President

Within the 2020 presidential campaign, I worked within established guidelines while also pushing the brand further by defining opposition brand guidelines, state collateral, and other special projects. Working on Elizabeth Warren’s campaign taught me the importance of good leadership at all levels of the team while also honing in on specific audiences.

Our design team was able to work on more branding projects than a traditional campaign because each of our policy plans would get a personalized subbrand and rollout. Each designer worked on a brand direction for each selected plan. We would then critique and collaborate based on the presented directions.

National Literature + Print Collateral
We created a modular system for personalized literature pieces to be easily digestible as one picked up the material. The nostalgic use of forced justified type alluded to typeset newspapers and letterpress work.

Setting up production files and working with different state vendors’ requirements became a responsibility for each print piece.

Social & Digital
Working with the campaign's social was an opportunity to incorporate powerful excerpts from Elizabeth's speeches into small shareable compositions. Using clean type, we were able to quickly present excerpts from speeches and debates.

Special Projects
I led the design for a commemorative event leading up to the South Carolina primaries featuring Senator Warren and John Legend. Illustrator, Grace Abe, and I looked to mid-century jazz posters for inspiration while we leaned into the campaign’s secondary color palette. It was important for these visual assets to inspire and celebrate the South Carolina primaries.

Warren Design Team
Raquel Breternitz, Judy Su, Stacie Buell, Eric Ziminsky, Victoria Adams, Riz Hernandez, Morgan Searcy, Laura Porat, Midoriko Grace Abe, Colleen Murphy