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One Year in Politics

The book, One Year in Politics, is the first project within the Politics Project, an initiative founded to support creative and research projects relating to Democratic and progressive politics.

The body of work is a result of 225+ first-time campaign staffers responding to  the short-term memory between political cycles. ‘One Year in Politics’ documents the experiences of young staffers to help win more elections.

For more information or to support the book visit: politicsproject.com

Project Credits Interviewees: Nelowfar Ahmadi, Alex Ames, Caroline Beohm, Megha Bhattacharya, Liam Bodlak, Ethan Chase, Peter DeBaugh, Hannah Ezell, Hannah Gaffney, Luke Holey, Nicole Jevons, Kiera Manser, Kaitlyn May, Amelia Montooth, Marcus Nelson, Jade Ngengi, Megan Pappalardo, Gabbi Perry, Elliot Richardson, Jace Ritchey, Hazel Rosenblum-Sellers, Ellen Smith, Rachel Thompson, Sojan Thrasher, Ezekiel Uriel, Natalie Valenzuela, Dawson Vandervort, Michael Watson, and others. Data and Project Support: Irina Alejandro. Copy Editing: Amy Schubert. Reviewed by: Raquel Breternitz, Kiayna O’Neal, Colleen Murphy, and Tim Norton. Creative & Design: Morgan Searcy. Web Developer: Jackson Glass. Photography Credits: Spurekar (cover), Kevin Lowery, Jorge Alcala, Michael Amadeus, Israel Andrade, Clay Banks, Manny Becerra, Brooke Cagl, Compare Fibre, Cottonbro Studio, Nathan Dumlao, Jeffery Erhunse, Etty Fidele, Aiony Haust Mche Lee, Library of Congress, Monstera Production, Tom Morbey, Sushil Nash, Josue Ladoo Pelegrin, Danzel Gian Mabiling Sepillo, Gage Skidmore, Annie Spratt, Ketut Subiyanto), Polina Tankilevitc, Vlad Tchompalov, Josue Verdejo, Duané Viljoen, Joe Yates, Wan San Yip. Typefaces: Editorial New & Acumin Concept. Printed in USA (2023). politicsproject.com.

Awards & Press: 2024 Indigo Award (Book Design), Christian Becerra’s ‘formerteengirl’, Rachel Janfaza’s The Up and Up