Creative + Brand Direction

Rock the Vote

As Brand and Design Director I was responsible for ensuring and executing a high standard of design across voting campaigns, partnerships, merchandise, website resources, and messaging. 

My overall mission was to create content and messaging that gave Rock the Vote visual consistency to connect with Gen Z & Millennials ahead of the 2020 election. We focused on clean typography for straightforward messaging and jumped into sub-branding for special projects.

Art Direction for 2020 Election

Tasked with creating strong guidelines for existing creative assets and type— we decided to root future work in sports and music culture. We found trends of repetition, bold justified text, and straight-to-the-point, simple messaging.

We were able to emphasize the many voter tools we offered for the 2020 presidential election by positioning ourselves at the intersection of these directions in the nonprofit and voting organization space.

Social & Content

Social Media gives organizations such as Rock the Vote a chance to meet potential voters where they are. Rock the Vote was committed to using a platform to educate and inform voters. Our feeds uplifted articles and art — but used the consistent branded content to publish important deadlines, updates, and announcements.

Keeping familiar type systems and treaties was important to increasing credibility and recognition among followers.

Special Projects : 2020 Giphy Collection
As a digital team, we wanted to create a strong gif presence to be incorporated into social media platforms. Our gif stickers picked up on nostalgic trends and circulated easily to enhance digital conversations on voting. The collection of gifs got a total of 61+ million impressions in the first two months of being released.

Special Projects : Democracy Summer
Our small team at Rock the Vote planned, produced and hosted 4 live events over the course of Summer 2020 to engage and register voters. We partnered with top-tier talent, politicians, and other voter organizations to register 300,000+ voters through this program alone.

Special Projects : The Globe at MICA x Rock the Vote
As a team it was important for us to get tangible and inspiring materials into the hands of voters.  Personally as a firm believer that print is not dead or dying—I led a project where we created two fundraising letterpress pieces that reinforced our digital messaging.